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Jeevyn K. Chahal, MD

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A top-down photo of a cup of coffee surrounded by coffee beans
Editorials / November 2022

“Congrats on your raise, doc!” I must’ve appeared baffled as my patient went on . . . “I heard the government is giving family doctors a bunch of money; that should help, hey?” I sighed, smiled, and explained that it... Read More

A name tag with the words "Hello, my name is"
Editorials / July/August 2021

I was given the name Sukhjiwan; it is pronounced “Sook-Jee-Vun.” It is a Sikh name that, in Punjabi, translates to “happy life.” So, why do I go by the name Jeevyn? When I entered elementary school, no one (not even... Read More

Doctor having video call with patient who is calling her from home
Editorials, COVID-19 / November 2020

Telehealth is a broad term defined as serving patients remotely or at a distance, and it can encompass different types of technology, including telephone, texting, emailing, and videoconferencing. Virtual visits... Read More

Perfume bottles on wooden table
Editorials / March 2020

It’s 2020 and I’m wearing perfume. I wear Very Irresistible by Givenchy. Very irresistible to some but apparently toxic to others. It took an incident at a friend’s house to make me realize the effects that... Read More

A doctor consults with a patient
Editorials / June 2019

“Good morning, Ms S. What brings you in today?” As I ask the question I see that she is clutching a tax credit disability form and there is a vitamin B12 vial sitting on the counter. Before she can answer, I say, “I... Read More

A doctor consults with a patient in their home
Editorials / November 2018

“Knock knock.” “Who’s there?” “Your doc.” “Your doc who?” “Your family doctor.” “What?! No way!” The door swings open and there she stands, Mrs S., with a genuine smile on her beautifully wrinkled face... Read More

Editorials / March 2018

MOA: “Good morning, Dr Chahal’s office.” Patient: “I need in today!” MOA: “What’s happening?” Patient: “I’m having back pain.” MOA: “Is it urgent? How long have you had it?” Patient: “Yes, it is urgent. I... Read More

Editorials / June 2017

I step out of my Audi wearing my Helly Hansen jacket and Maui Jims, and suddenly I’m approached by a disheveled man in his early 40s looking just as worn as his backpack. He asks, “Can you spare some change?” I feel... Read More

A silhouette of a woman with a superhero cape
Editorials / November 2016

Cock-a-doodle-doo! Sun rays hit the room. Max the cat is in my face whining to be let out. Baby’s foot is in my ear. Hubby is snoring. It’s 5:30 a.m. Good morning! Here I go—hit the bamboo floors running. First sip... Read More