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Jeevyn K. Chahal, MD

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Couple talking
Editorials / June 2023

Physician wellness and burnout are all the buzz, and rightfully so. But how often do we consider the partners and significant others of these martyrs of modern medicine? These selfless, understanding, loving people are... Read More

A top-down photo of a cup of coffee surrounded by coffee beans
Editorials / November 2022

“Congrats on your raise, doc!” I must’ve appeared baffled as my patient went on . . . “I heard the government is giving family doctors a bunch of money; that should help, hey?” I sighed, smiled, and explained that it... Read More

A name tag with the words "Hello, my name is"
Editorials / July/August 2021

I was given the name Sukhjiwan; it is pronounced “Sook-Jee-Vun.” It is a Sikh name that, in Punjabi, translates to “happy life.” So, why do I go by the name Jeevyn? When I entered elementary school, no one (not even... Read More

Doctor having video call with patient who is calling her from home
Editorials, COVID-19 / November 2020

Telehealth is a broad term defined as serving patients remotely or at a distance, and it can encompass different types of technology, including telephone, texting, emailing, and videoconferencing. Virtual visits... Read More

Perfume bottles on wooden table
Editorials / March 2020

It’s 2020 and I’m wearing perfume. I wear Very Irresistible by Givenchy. Very irresistible to some but apparently toxic to others. It took an incident at a friend’s house to make me realize the effects that... Read More

A doctor consults with a patient
Editorials / June 2019

“Good morning, Ms S. What brings you in today?” As I ask the question I see that she is clutching a tax credit disability form and there is a vitamin B12 vial sitting on the counter. Before she can answer, I say, “I... Read More

A doctor consults with a patient in their home
Editorials / November 2018

“Knock knock.” “Who’s there?” “Your doc.” “Your doc who?” “Your family doctor.” “What?! No way!” The door swings open and there she stands, Mrs S., with a genuine smile on her beautifully wrinkled face... Read More

Editorials / March 2018

MOA: “Good morning, Dr Chahal’s office.” Patient: “I need in today!” MOA: “What’s happening?” Patient: “I’m having back pain.” MOA: “Is it urgent? How long have you had it?” Patient: “Yes, it is urgent. I... Read More