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J.E. Albrecht, MD

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Letters / April 2017

After 43 years in the trenches of general practice, I applaud the fortitude and wisdom of the Pemberton clinic physicians billing employers $50 when a patient requests a note for time loss due to illness. This is... Read More

News / November 2014

By Robert Hirzer, MD. Servus Books, 2013. ISBN 0-992-1-01603. Paperback, 496 pages. $19.99. My colleague, Bob Hirzer, is a semi-retired GP living in New Westminster. For the last 7 years he has contributed to... Read More

Letters / July/August 2014

I was recently reminded of the frailty and vulnerability of our allotted time. At the end of every day I enjoy a walk around Deer Lake to reflect on the challenges of work and to plan the next day. On one of my recent... Read More

Obituaries / September 2012

1934–2011 After a brief encounter with an aggressive malignancy, the Cloverdale Cowboy hung up his saddle and spurs for the last time. He faced life’s last chapter with his usual wit, dignity, and acceptance. When... Read More