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Graham C. Fraser, FRCS, FACS

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Illustration of a old man at Main & Broadway
Back Page / December 2009

  With advancing age comes the justifiable expectation of some form of impending illness. This may appear as cardio­vascular events, malignancy, arthritis, or, worst of all, cerebral dysfunction. Alzheimer... Read More

Back Page / April 2009

An increasingly favorite topic being discussed in the current journals I receive is that of medical education. Its various aspects are closely appraised and, in particular, the newer methods and standards of... Read More

Back Page / November 2007

No, no! Not the pruritic or prolapsing kind that requires ligation, excision, or other surgical mayhem. No, I have piles of stuff. The stuff I have resides in various parts and cupboards in our home, awaiting... Read More

Back Page / May 2007

It has become a badge of office: a symbol of the power to heal. Therefore the wearer must be the genuine article, possessing extraordinary skills and veiled in respectability, not to mention being a member of a rather... Read More

Back Page / January/February 2007

In which our intrepid correspondent notes his nasal negative. A week or so ago, I had a cold. As you know, this condition in the human male is far worse than that in the female. The latter may have a mild headache... Read More