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Donald J. Young, MD

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Letters / December 2005

Well this is going to be interesting. How often will the BCMA speak out of both sides of its mouth as it relates to provisions for private medical care? The recent BCMJ interview with Dr Golbey (BCMJ 2005;47[7]:354... Read More

Letters / January/February 2004

In a recent editorial piece (BCMJ 2003;45[9]:427) Dr Brian Day suggests that competition among hospitals is what is needed to improve health care delivery in Canada. I’m sure that hospitals in BC would find this very... Read More

Letters / June 2003

The neoconservative rhetoric of our time is becoming too much for me. “Fair Pharmacare?” To me the title says—“they must be hiding something.” Such a title wants you to disregard continuity, careful progress, and memory... Read More