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David B. Chapman, MBChB

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Dr Chapman joined the BCMJ Editorial Board in 2008. He is a full-service general practitioner in Langley, and a clinical instructor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of British Columbia. Dr Chapman has privileges in general practice and obstetrics at Langley Memorial Hospital, and sits on the board of directors of the Langley Memorial Hospital Foundation. Dr Chapman is interested in “cradle to grave” family practice and obstetrics, and his extracurricular pursuits include reading, gardening, investing, traveling to sunny destinations, and spending time with family.

A senior sits down, holding a cane
Editorials / June 2022

Morale of the average family physician of the longitudinal full-service variety is at a very low level in our province. In fact, fatigue from the pandemic, demands from stressed patients, increased paperwork, and rising... Read More

A doctor wearing a mask
Editorials, COVID-19 / May 2020

31 March 2020 By the time this editorial, written at the end of March, makes it to print, it will be hopelessly out of date. I hope that my fears today do not become our reality when this is read in the May issue of... Read More

A doctor looks outside reflectively
Editorials / September 2019

It’s interesting to me to think about the patients who have left an imprint on my life. What did they have in common that causes me to remember them? What part of our relationship is so memorable for me, and why?... Read More

A pair of shoes on the floor, with arrows going in several different directions
Editorials / July/August 2018

In a recent proclamation of Family Doctor Day, the BC government states that family physicians lead the delivery of accessible health care, strengthen the capacity and overall quality of the health care system, and... Read More

Editorials / November 2017

As I put my thoughts down in writing, the seasons are changing and there is a chill in the air. Many of the physicians in our hospitals are also feeling a chill in the air with respect to our hospitals and health... Read More

Editorials / March 2017

I need to preface this editorial with a huge disclaimer: I am wholly unqualified to opine on the subject of mothers in medicine. Let’s see if I can write this without putting the proverbial foot in the mouth. I teach... Read More