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CME Location: Vancouver
CME Date: 01-February-2019 to 02-February-2019

Target audience for this conference (to be held at the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue), are pediatricians, specialists caring for children and youth with diabetes, diabetes educators, social workers, pharmacists, and dietitians.

Event highlights: New larger venue, interesting plenary sessions, and lots of small interactive workshops.

Conference format includes two breakout sessions designed to address the nursing supportive services educational needs. The conference will focus on addressing new treatment approaches, new technology, and work toward continuing to develop standardized pediatric diabetes care across the province.

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CME Location: Vancouver
CME Date: 04-February-2019 to 15-February-2019

The BC Cancer Agency’s Family Practice Oncology Network offers an 8-week General Practitioner in Oncology training program beginning with a 2-week introductory session every spring and fall at the Vancouver Centre.
This program provides an opportunity for rural family physicians, with the support of their community, to strengthen their oncology skills so that they may provide enhanced care for local cancer patients and their families.
Following the introductory session, participants complete a further 30 days of customized clinic experience at the cancer centre where their patients are referred. These can be scheduled flexibly over 6 months
Participants who complete the program are eligible for credits from the College of Family Physicians of Canada. Those who are REAP-eligible receive a stipend and expense coverage through UBC’s Enhanced Skills Program.
For more information or to apply, visit, or contact Jennifer Wolfe at 604 219-9579.

CME Location: Vancouver
CME Date: 09-February-2019

New venue: Pinnacle Vancouver Harbourfront Hotel

Join us for these two annual comprehensive updates hosted by the UBC Divisions of Respiratory Medicine and Cardiology.

Register for the conference you primarily want to attend and then feel free to move between sessions!

Respiratory medicine target audience: family physicians, respirologists, respiratory therapists, internists, respiratory educators, hospitalists, COPD educators, nurses, residents, and medical students

Topic highlights: Updates on COPD and asthma management, diagnosis of interstitial lung disease, the impact of forest fires on our lungs, the role and safety of e-cigarettes, a hands-on chest ultrasound workshop, and more.

Hot Topics in cardiology target audience: Family physicians, hospitalists, internists, cardiologists, nurses, residents, medical students.

Topic highlights: Atherosclerosis, the PAD patient, percutaneous valve management, preventing heart failure, aspirin in primary care, tackling obesity, common ECG abnormalities, and more.

Conference information:

Respiratory conference details and registration:      

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Phone : 604 675-3777, e-mail:

CME Location: Vancouver
CME Date: 21-February-2019

To be held at the Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel, this comprehensive 3-day (Thu-Sat) review course offers an update of knowledge central to the practice of family medicine in both rural and urban settings.

Committed to addressing everyday practical issues, speakers present equally on current and special areas of concern to the primary health care professional. To complement a morning of group lectures, afternoons include a series of elective interactive workshops which allow conference attendees to customize their learning experience.

The three main topics for this year are Pediatrics & Women’s Health (Thu), Internal Medicine & Geriatrics (Fri), and Potpourri (Sat).

Accreditation: 16.75 Mainpro+ credits.

To register and for more information visit, call 604 678-3777 or e-mail:


CME Location: Vancouver
CME Date: 23-February-2019

Learn practical nonpharmaceutical trigger point injection skills to use within a system of pain care that encompasses structured assessment, examination, treatment, and aftercare.

An efficient analytical approach that can be used within your office schedule to effect immediate improvement in a broad spectrum of chronic pain and physical dysfunction presentations. Appropriate aftercare advice ensures lasting change.

Treatments are fully covered by MSP.

A tool for your toolbox that addresses the origin of pain, not just symptomatic treatment of ongoing pain. Patients leave the office feeling better than they arrived.

This Level 1 course entails 3 hours of online learning plus 14 hours of examination and treatment skills practice in participant pairs with a 4:1 instructor to learner ratio.

Location: BC Children’s Health Research Institute.

Video case conference 6 weeks post-training. Low patient risk + high patient appreciation + high clinician satisfaction!

Further information:

Contact: Greg Siren, MD, CCFP, FCFP,; 250 590-7300.


CME Location: Vancouver
CME Date: 01-March-2019 to 02-March-2019

The 32nd annual Pain and Suffering Symposium Chronic Pain Management Conference is presented by the Foundation for Medical Excellence in cooperation with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia.

To be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, 655 Burrard St, this course is designed to assist clinicians in managing the most challenging of pain patients--patients with complex chronic pain.

Complex chronic pain infiltrates multiple dimensions of the patient's life. Because of this, opioids are less effective in treating these patients' distress. The conference assumes a basic knowledge of opioid prescribing principles and does not focus on the nuts and bolts of opiate prescribing. Rather it focuses on defining the proper role of opiates and other modalities in the management of complex chronic pain.

For more information, please see the event brochure and register online at